6 July 2017

Further progress

This is now heading outwards again with the next row of chains. Again this needs careful attention which BC3 seemed to be unable to give it at first!!! I sometimes wonder why at my ripe old age I can't count!!! 

Anyway, I think I've got it sorted now. Silly really as I've done this pattern twice before.


  1. Replies
    1. Me too as I've done something else with it too!!!

  2. Yes, wonderful colour combination. It does look tricky, I can well imagine it requires concentration. Worth it though!

  3. Now that I finally have the patterns, thanks to Heidi Nakayama, I may give this a go too. Doesn't mean that I won't still look for a first edition, though. Attention? I live at short attention span theatre. Hehe. Sometimes I know I have A.D.D.

  4. Looking wonderful!!! :)

  5. LOVE the colors together! I was delighted to receive Dora Young's wonderful book in the mail earlier in the week (along with some great threads from Handy Hands)! :-)


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Happy Beaks
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